[im]possible living

“Abandoned buildings are everywhere: in city centers, suburbs, countrysides, mountains, seasides, everywhere! They are left there, day after day, night after night. They don’t scream, they don’t bleed, they just loose a little piece everyday, so you don’t really realize that a certain place is falling down, until one day it’s impossible to recover it and the only thing that is possible to do is … breaking it down!!How is our society managing those buildings? Most of the time it’s ignoring them, preferring to leave them behind and build new buildings instead! This approach it’s cheaper in the short term, but definitely it is not in the long run.
There’s an enormous power trapped in those ruins and [im]possible living is a project that aims to free this power up!! It won’t be an easy way, but we want to try to reverse this trend and give a new life to these places!!
The steps in front of us are very challenging, but we’re very excited about them:

– build a worldwide database of abandoned buildings.

– study sustainable projects in order to rescue them.

– find investors for these projects.

– realize the projects and give buildings a new life.”


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